Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush will assume a rather strange tactic in his campaign against Hillary Clinton, reported Salon. According to a Republican donor, the tactic involves making Clinton look like a candidate “of the past.”

Speaking to GOP lobbyists yesterday, Bush said Clinton’s 2016 campaign will be “a campaign of the past dating back to what happened in the 1990s.” The irony in that assertion is excruciating as Bush contends to elevate himself as “the future.” Bush’s push for the presidency is going to be of an uphill battle than he seems to realize.

Legacy and namesake are the last things that Jeb Bush should target. George H.W. Bush was an unremarkable one-term president who attempted to topple a dictator but failed. The second Bush, “Dubya,” did topple a dictator, but his domestic and foreign policies left our economy in shambles and made America the hated bullies of the world.

The Clinton legacy, on the other hand, sparked the years-long push for gay civil rights, put America in good standing on the international stage, and created a budget surplus. Simply put, the Bush family’s past is more sordid than the Clintons’. Salon noted that Jeb isn’t exactly the winner he sells himself to be.

Jeb lost his first election in 1994 to former Florida Gov. Lawton Chiles, a Democrat. However, to the smallest of credit to Bush, he did win the next two gubernatorial elections in 1998 and 2002.

Jeb winning two gubernatorial elections is irrelevant. Dubya won two elections and is rebuked as the worst president of the last 100 years. If Jeb is going to use the past and legacy as ammunition against Hillary, he better take a good look around at the next Bush family reunion.