In Sentinel, Oklahoma, a man shot the police chief last week and was allowed to go free after police questioning, reported Raw Story.

The shooter, a white man and reported “survivalist,” which is just a silly politically correct term for doomsdayer nutjob, shot Sentinel Police Chief Louis Ross three times in the chest and once in the arm. Chief Ross was responding to a bomb threat during the shooting.

Ross survived because he was luckily wearing a bulletproof vest that Raw Story reported he’d only “put on moments before.” He sustained only minor injuries.

Dallas Horton was named the shooter by neighbors after the incident occurred around 4 am last Thursday morning. The fake bomb threat had been traced by authorities to Horton’s residence. Police then breached the residence but didn’t find any explosives nor were there any at the Sentinel Community Action Center, the location the original bomb threat named.

Police took Horton into custody for questioning, but they later released him based on “insufficient evidence.” They didn’t even hold him because of the bomb threat that authorities traced back to Horton’s home.

Horton was reported as a “‘survivalist’ type who mistrusted the government, was openly unfriendly to neighbors, and wore a lot of black clothing.” He’s the prototypical anti-government loon and reported racist.

His Facebook profile features lots of violent and racist imagery. “Hurt ME and your [sic] gonna feel pain,” says one picture. “hurt my BEST FRIEND and your gonna need an ambulance, hurt my FAMILY . . . I’m gonna need a shovel.”

It’s important not to automatically jump to racial motivations as the cause for crime. However, this instance is pretty indicative of the unnecessary role that race can play. Swap the skin color of each party and the shooter would have been held and questioned for twelve hours.