After Fox News insisted on and then redacted information that there were supposed Muslim “no-go zones” in Europe, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal steamed ahead with that false notion, reported The Times-Picayune.

Jindal traveled to Britain as part of a 10-day tour of Europe, which was paid for using Louisiana taxpayer money and his gubernatorial campaign fund, noted The Times-Picayune. During his time in London, Jindal delivered a speech to the Henry Jackson Society, a conservative British group, about extreme Islam.

After his speech, CNN caught up with Jindal to ask him about the speech, which consisted of Jindal doubling down on the idea of Muslim “no-go zones.”

“I think your viewers know absolutely there are places where the police are less likely to go,” said Jindal. “They absolutely know there are neighborhoods where they wouldn’t feel comfortable.”

There certainly are. Those neighborhoods are called ghettos, and usually have high crime rates, noted CNN London reporter Max Foster. It has nothing to do with the Muslim population. Foster then pressed Jindal to support his statements with facts and, as a native Brit, he said he didn’t know of any neighborhoods that are “no-go zones.”

Jindal had no facts or sources to back up his claims.

Jindal tried to assert the backlash associated with the absurdity of “no-go zones” to a left-wing tactic to make the conservatives look bad. However, conservatives do pretty well at that on their own. Following Jindal’s comments, Democrats wasted no time in criticizing Jindal’s unfounded claims.

“It’s no surprise that Bobby Jindal would go abroad and butcher the facts in an effort to divide people; this is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Jindal here at home,” said DNC spokeswoman Rebecca Chalif. “Jindal is just embarrassing himself.”

That he is. Fox News has redacted their “no-go zone” reportage and distanced themselves from the subject completely. Jindal is detached from reality and remains in a conservative fantasy land of paranoia.