It’s come full circle, politicians are now afraid of their nutbag constituents. The cycle is complete.

In Texas, the state House of Representatives has approved the installation of “panic buttons” following a number of occurrences in which open-carry proponents harassed politicians and staff that were, in their view, anti-gun rights.

In the video below, a number of “pro-gun” folks, calling themselves “Open Carry Tarrant County,” can be seen crowding the offices of Texas Representative Poncho Nevarez. They demand that the representative state his position on gun control and repeatedly make veiled threats that he won’t “be here long” and that they are coming to “take Texas back.”

Along with being called a Tyrant, the Texas representative remains polite to the intrusion and wishes the pro-gun mob to have a good day, even going so far as to tell them “God bless.”

Coercion through the threat of force, that’s exactly what these whackos understand and that’s the only way they think they can protect themselves.