More than a year ago, Charles Munger, the billionaire chairman of Brookshire Hathaway, said that there was no reason to bailout poor, hungry people economically. He said, “life is a little harder than it used to be and people need to suck it up and cope.”

Munger, during that same Ayn Rand caliber speech, was also quick to add that its critical for taxpayers to continue to bail out predatory Wall Street cretins in order for our economy to flourish.

Munger and his sociopath pals on Wall Street are back now that they have a solid Republican Congress. Expect to hear again and again that “greed is good” and the 99% will benefit from a 1% greed frenzy.

As the 99% are told to “suck it up, and get over it”, expect an onslaught of Wall Street thugs playing HIGH RISK GAMES with our economy. That will happen because Wall Street feels no pressure to abandon their criminal ways.

More importantly, they feel comfortable victimizing 99% in an environment without regulations, during a time that they are certain to be “bailed out” again and again, regardless of how incompetent and criminal their conduct becomes.

This time around, as Wall Street recklessly burns down our economy, expect almost the same caliber of cooperation from Democrats as Republicans. The new Clinton, Manchin, and Schumer-styled Democrats have a love affair in progress with Wall Street.

My prediction is that the same Democrats who allowed 47 million Americans to lose food stamp benefits will also participate in back room attacks on Social Security.

The new Wall Street Democrats have made it clear that the only difference between them and the Republicans on economic issues is that the Republicans demand slightly bigger cuts to safety nets.

As the new Republican majorities gain footing this year we’ll see Clinton Democrats align themselves with Republicans as they continue to squeeze America’s 99%.

Were gonna hear the Democrats tell us “geewhiz, we had to do this to compromise.” Or “golly gee, we just didn’t have the votes.” The truth is all the deals will be made behind closed doors even before votes are taken.

We are approaching a campaign cycle when Wall Street Democrats will be asking for Wall Street money. My prediction is that your head will spin when you see what the Democrats will be willing to give away for quick cash.