A bartender, Michael Hoyt, who suffers mental illness, is currently in prison as a result of his plan to poison House Speaker John Boehner. However, Right-wing nutcase Ted Nugent, who has talked about how Obama should “suck on his machine gun”.

Hoyt’s plan was to poison Boehner’s drink as he believes that Boehner is the devil and responsible for the Ebola virus, according to an email Hoyt sent to Boehner’s wife. Hoyt contends that his plan to poison the Speaker was conjecture. Had he wanted to poison the Speaker, he would have; he had access to do so.

All of this isn’t to say that someone like Hoyt shouldn’t be in prison. It’s simply to state that it’s a double standard to lock up someone like Hoyt while bigots like Ted Nugent still roam free.