Recently, the French government ordered 10,000 troops into the streets to help protect areas that might be terrorist targets. Nearly half the areas are Jewish schools. The increased security comes after last week’s tragic terrorist attacks which left 17 people dead, including four killed at a kosher grocery store on Friday. Meanwhile, reports are surfacing that another terrorist sleeper cell may have been activated.

Back in the U.S., the FBI has warned local law enforcement to be extra vigilant, citing potential for ISIS terrorist attacks. But the potential for terrorism in the U.S. has always existed, and despite what the right-wing media might tell you, since 9/11 more Americans have been killed by right-wing domestic terrorists that Islamic extremists. And right-wing extremism is on the rise nationwide.

So why is the “terrorism” only considered “terror” when it is committed by Islamic extremists?

America’s Lawyer, Mike Papantonio, fills in for Thom Hartmann on RT America’s The Big Picture to discuss this. Joining Pap in this segment is blogger Chauncey DeVega.

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