Pro-white activists in Alabama have posted on a billboard more redneck, fear-mongering propaganda in order to rile up the redneck, Southern whites into thinking their race is in danger, reported Addicting Info.

What’s become known as the white supremacist “Mantra,” billboards bearing racist, pro-white rhetoric have sprung up across the Deep South. The most recently billboard appeared in Birmingham, Alabama along I-59 with the words “Diversity means chasing down the last white person.” The message ended with #whitegenocide.

Paranoid delusions like this are an everyday part of the extreme right-wing and pro-white factions of America. They are something to hardly be taken seriously, and are generally laughed at and dismissed.

These types of billboards have been around for a few years. In 2013, a similar billboard appeared in Harristown, Arkansas and read “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.” So, is the billboard insisting that all white people are racist? Who knows. Mental logistics really aren’t the strong suit of conservatives.

The pro-white campaign isn’t just on billboards. Whichever group is controlling all of this has joined the 21st century, using a Twitter account, Addicting Info noted. If one searches #whitegenocide (we included a link to save you some keystrokes), there are endless laughs to be had.

While most pro-whiters are just something to be laughed at online and on the street, there are some individuals that take their hate to the extreme. They kill people, and it’s usually done in the name of Christianity or because some wack job grossly misinterpreted some obscure passage in the Bible.

Move along, folks. There nothing to see here. Well, usually.