The right-wing loves to place blame and verbally eviscerate the Islam religion anytime there’s a terrorist attack or other extreme act. However, when extreme Christians commit similar acts, Fox News and the like give it a headline and a snippet of airtime.

Here are the top 10 terrorists attacks committed by extreme Christian or white supremacy group as provided by AlterNet.

  1. Wisconsin Sikh Temple Massacre in 2012. Islamophobia fueled this attack, even though the Sikhs are a completely different thing than Islam. The attacker, Wade Michael Page, was a reported white supremacist and was even in neo-Nazi rock bands in his past.
  1. Fundamentalist Christian killed an abortion doctor. Dr. George Tiller was murdered by anti-abortion terrorist Scott Roeder in 2009. Years prior to Tiller’s murder, anti-abortion terrorists firebombed his clinic in 1986. Tiller was also shot several times in 1993. Ann Coulter said “I don’t really think of it as a murder. It was terminating Tiller in the 203rd trimester.”
  1. The Knoxville Universal Unitarian Church shooting. Jim David Adkisson walked into the Unitarian church in Knoxville and opened fire during a children’s play. Adkisson killed two people and injured seven. The shooter’s vehement hate of liberals prompted the attack.
  1. Abortion doctor John Britton was murdered in 1994. Paul Jennings Hill, a member of the radical, fundamentalist Christian group Army of God, killed Britton and his bodyguard in a remorseless, cold-blooded act.
  1. The Olympics Bombing in Atlanta in 1996. The Olympics were in full swing in Atlanta when Eric Rudolph detonated a bomb at the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. One person died and 111 were injured. Rudolph has committed numerous terrorist acts in the name of God during his life: bombing abortion clinics and a lesbian bar. The Army of God has exalted Rudolph for his actions.
  1. Abortion doctor Barnett Slepian was murdered by a Christian extremist. In 1998, James Charles Kopp shot and killed Dr. Slepian while at his New York home. Slepian later died of life-threatening injuries. Once again, radical Christian group Army of God labeled another killer as a hero.
  1. Army of God member bombs a Planned Parenthood building. (The Army of God has connections to lots of people in this lineup, doesn’t it?) In 1994, Army of God member John Salvi bombed the Planned Parenthood building in Brookline, Massachusetts. Before the bombing, he shot and killed two receptionists and injured several more. After Salvi was found dead in his suicide from an apparent suicide in 1996, Army of God celebrated him as a martyr. Sound familiar?
  1. The suicide attack on the IRS building in Austin, Texas. Though not motivated by Christian radicalism, Joseph Stack flew a plane into the Echelon office in Austin, Texas. Republican politicians like Rep. Peter King thought it a good idea to make jokes and say that the incident wouldn’t have happen if the IRS was dismantled.
  1. Liberal talk host Alan Berg was murdered. Members of the Order, a white-supremacist group, David Lane and Bruce Pierce killed Berg with an automatic weapon in 1984 near Denver. The two men were given life sentences for the killing of Berg.
  1. The Oklahoma City Bombing. This attack is the most infamous of all the radical right-wing attacks in recent history. Timothy McVeigh is the epitome of anti-government, right-wing fanaticism. His attack on the Federal Building killed 168 people and injured 600 others. McVeigh, who had a white supremacist background, conducted the largest terrorist attack on American soil before 9/11. He was put to death in 2001.