Doomsdayers and bunkering is now a laughable relic idea of the Cold War. However, it still exists and in the most ridiculous way possible. One percenters can now purchase lavish, extravagant fallout shelters in the American Midwest, reported AlterNet.

At an undisclosed, decommissioned missile site in the remote plains of Kansas, the mega-rich one percenters of America can purchase underground condos from $1.5 million to $4.5 million. These underground palaces are not unlike condos purchased by the wealthy in Manhattan.

The person leading the construction is Larry Hall, a former software developer. As AlterNet noted, in order to sell these condos, one has to sell fear. That’s a key rule in sales: if there’s little or no demand, then create demand. On Hall’s website, Luxury Survival Condo, one can take an interactive tour through these massive shelters.

“It would likely take a serious cataclysm to drive posh coasties to the Kansan underworld, and you can’t sell these things without also selling fear,” writes Natalie Shure of AlterNet. “In fact, the project’s website includes a photo of a colorless DC skyline ravaged by an implied nuclear holocaust, complete with a bombed-out Capitol Building.”

Despite the silliness and stereotype that’s attached to doomsdayers, Hall insists otherwise.

“There is a stereotype of some survivalists as being simple-minded,” Hall told AlterNet. “We are not like that. Most of our clients are professional people who run businesses and have diversified interests.”

Be that as it may, the only thing separating the paranoid gun hoarders on TV and the rich Wall Street types buying these condos is money. Doomsday paranoia isn’t exclusive to those living in the Tennessee backwoods. A rich person can be insane too.