Two Alabama “Black Lives Matters” protesters were detained and arrested over the holidays after police broke up the peaceful protest in a Walmart parking lot, reported Addicting Info.

Receiving over 2 million views in two weeks, the video, shot by Randall Anderson, shows Anderson and his friend, Mercutio Terrell Southall Sr., being harassed and victimized by police overzealousness. When one of the officers was asked for identification, the officer flat out refused to comply to the request.

While Southall was trying to get ID from the officer, that same cop looked over at another officer and said “this man needs to go to jail.” Officers then tackled and dogpiled onto Southall and began tazing the victim.

Anderson was then commanded to leave the area by police. However, while Anderson was headed for his car, police grabbed Anderson and pinned him down for arrest anyway. Anderson’s video didn’t capture images of him being arrested, like with Southall, but audio can be heard.

“Were you a part of this protest? You need to leave,” said another officer. “You need to leave right now or go with him.”

“I was going to my car,” said Anderson. “You told me to go to my car.”

“You were given a command,” said an officer. The cop then decided to stroke his own ego by following with saying “and you didn’t go fast enough.”

In the Facebook post, which contained the video, Anderson noted that he was “literally 5 feet away from [his] car trying to leave.”

Anderson was subsequently charged with criminal trespassing. Southall received a similar charge.

Had this incident happened up North or out West, these men would not have been bothered. But considering it happened in Alabama, where the police are rednecks who think they’re wild west gunslinging peacemakers, these men were arrested and victimized by police overzealousness.

Watch Anderson’s video below: