Palin is back and defending the post about her son Trig stepping on their dog’s back. She’s doing this by attacking PETA and claiming that everyone needs to “Chill. At least Trig didn’t eat the dog.”

Last night, Palin posted a response letter of sorts on Facebook trying to respond to the negativity she has encountered from her original post.

She said, “Did you go as crazy when your heroic Man-of-Your-Lifetime, Barack Obama, revealed he actually enjoyed eating dead dog meat?”

It’s mostly a rambling tirade, par-for-the-course for Palin.

Aren’t you the same anti-beef screamers blogging hate from your comfy leather office chairs, wrapped in your fashionable leather belts above your kickin’ new leather pumps you bought because your celebrity idols (who sport fur and crocodile purses) grinned in a tabloid wearing the exact same Louboutins exiting sleek cowhide covered limo seats on their way to some liberal fundraiser shindig at some sushi bar that features poor dead smelly roe (that I used to strip from our Bristol Bay-caught fish, and in a Dillingham cannery I packed those castoff fish eggs for you while laughing with co-workers about the suckers paying absurdly high prices to party with the throw away parts of our wild seafod)? I believe you call those discarded funky eggs “caviar”.

She concluded her defense with a final jab at PETA, saying, “Yeah, you’re real credible on this PETA. A shame, because I’ll bet we agree on what I hope is the true meaning of your mission – respecting God’s creation and critters. Our pets, including Trig’s best buddy Jill Hadassah, are loved, spoiled and cared for more than some people care for their fellow man whose politics may not mesh with nonsensical liberally failed ways or don’t fit your flighty standards.”