Bill Moyers, host of Moyers & Company, will sadly be leaving his post on the show after 44 years of broadcasting. On exiting the stage, Moyers had encouraging words but thoughtful words.

So, as the new generation steps forward, I am tempted to think that the only thing my generation can say to them is: we’re sorry. Sorry for the mess you’re inheriting. Sorry we broke the trust. But I know in my heart that’s not what they ask or expect. So instead I recommend to them an example of Senator Robert La Follette of Wisonsin, another of my heroes from the past. He battled the excesses of the first Gilded Age a century ago so boldly and proudly that he went down in history as “Fighting Bob.” he told us, “…democracy is a life; and involves continual struggle.” I keep asking myself, what if that struggle is the palpable reality without which this world would be truly barren?

So to this new generation I say: over to you, welcome to the fight.

You can watch the final episode here. If you want to jump to his farewell, jump to 22:30.