After former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell asked a judge for leniency in a case where he is accused of selling his office’s influence, prosecutors are arguing that no such request should be granted, reported Talking Points Memo.

The prosecutors argument relates specifically to McDonnell’s attorneys asking for a mere three years of community service after the former governor was convicted of public corruption charges. TPM reported that the government filed papers on Tuesday insisting that McDonnell “will not relent in shifting blame for his own actions to others” and that McDonnell deserves the 10-year sentence that McDonnell’s conviction calls for.

“In assessing the defendant’s character, the Court can, and should, take into account his trial strategy of attempting to place blame on everyone but himself,” prosecutors wrote. “He admitted what he had to, denied what he could, and blamed everyone else whenever able.”

Almost laughably, McDonnell’s defense team said the prison sentence is too harsh because of the former governor’s “honorable public service.” They’re essentially arguing that McDonnell is a good guy, but he just had a lapse in judgement when he engaged in acts of public corruption. Willfully violating the public trust isn’t something that occurs during a momentary lapse in judgement.

McDonnell’s defense team maintains that the former governor never shifted blame on his wife or co-defendant. They said that although he testified about family members’ actions, that didn’t constitute blame. Yeah, right.

McDonnell is wanting to be granted leniency based upon his former status as a governor. However, he was a filthy, corrupt governor who violated the public trust and misused his office. McDonnell should be showed no leniency.