A men’s rights “advocate” recently threatened to deprive women of their “right to life” if they didn’t stop signing up for a men’s-only equivalent to Facebook that he started, Addicting Info reported.

Manbook was created by a “man” who goes by numerous names online: Joschua-Brandon Bohem, Peter Nolan, or Peter-Andrew. The site is described by him as a “site that men could come to had they been a victim of a crime.”

But as more and more women have flocked to Manbook to defend themselves and their entire gender against this sad, sexist pig, the site’s creator has gotten more and more fed up with their interference, and possibly their existence as a whole.

Read his disgusting post in full:

we have called the site ManBook for a reason. We do not wish to have women present. We wish this to be a place where men and boys down to about the age of 16 can come and discuss the issues on their minds without the censorship of fascist book.

We have asked politely for women to not register but you are registering anyway. This shows total lack of respect for our right to freedom of association. We do not wish to associate with women in this place. Period.

Since women have so immediately shown us men that you do not respect our right to freedom of association we will summarily delete any account that has a womans name on it.

We would ask you women to respect our rights as you wish your rights to be respected. If you are unwilling to respect our right to freedom of association do not expect men to respect your right to life. Ok? A right is a right and it is not to be violated lightly because under the law of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” violating the rights of another is broadcasting the fact that others are free to violate any of the rights you might make claim to, including the right to life.

So. Ladies. Learn what a right is and do not be violating the rights of other people, especially men, if you are not prepared to have your rights violated in return. Ok?

Now. You have been fairly warned. Your profiles will be summarily deleted. If we suspect a profile to be run by a woman in a mans name we reserve the right to call the profile user on skype and verify their identity in some way. Failure to be agreeable to such a call will result in the deletion of the profile.

We expect that men will respect the rights of other men here. And we expect that women will respect our right to freedom of association and right to freedom of speech here.