The 400 richest people on Earth got even richer in 2014. They were able to add $92 billion to their collective fortune even “in the face of falling energy prices and geopolitical turmoil,” Bloomberg reported.

The overall net worth of the top 400 was $4.1 trillion yesterday, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index which compiles a daily ranking of the richest people on the planet.

Making the biggest gain was Alibaba Group co-founder Jack Ma, who increased his wealth by $25.1 billion after a 56 percent “surge” in the company’s shares since September.

Several Americans were among the top gainers, including Warren Buffett, who “added $13.7 billion” to his fortune. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gained $10.6 billion, and Bill Gates held on to his place atop the world’s richest list, increasing his wealth by over $9 billion.

Bloomberg also found “86 new or hidden billionaires who had never appeared on an international wealth ranking.” Included in these newfound billionaires are six heirs to a $13 billion Monaco fortune, and Carlos Pellas, who became Nicaragua’s first billionaire.

What these rankings show is that yes, the economy appears to be getting better — but only if you’re a billionaire. The gap between the richest and the poorest is only increasing. These 400 people hold wealth that the rest of the 6 billion people on Earth can barely comprehend.