A small band of right-wing extremists gathered across the street from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to protest the president, reported Raw Story. The group’s message was simple: Obama is a Kenyan and should be lynched.

Members of Operation American Freedom gathered in front of the White House this week in protest of President Obama and his executive immigration order. Dressed as Colonial settlers, the group, which consisted of no more than 30 people, picketed with an array of ridiculous and greatly misinformed signage.

Protesters yelled phrases like “Hang the Kenyan traitor” and held signs reading “Obama Holder 4 Prison.”

“Plenty of trees in the front yard, wouldn’t be the first one hung from one of them trees,” said one protester.

“We got a ton of trees,” said another protester. “I see a fine one right over there. Remember when we used to run them out on a rail or tar and feather the bad ones? Whatever happened to those good ol’ days?”

Ridiculously and wrongly convinced that Obama is a national traitor, they’ve resorted to lynching as the only sound resolution for the president.

“You don’t snap his neck, you hold him up and watch him choke to death,” said another protester. “Slowly lower him down to where his feet are almost touching the ground.”

The comments then go from outwardly offensive to actually kind of silly and hyperbolic.

“You know what I say? F#ck all of them, right in his tiny little butt place.”

Thankfully this gathering wasn’t a giant group of people, but rather what’s probably a small group of rednecks who drink beer together on the weekends. Unfortunately, there isn’t much anyone can do about the members of Operation American Freedom other than incite our own pity or laughter.

Below is a video of the protest provided by Right Wing Watch: