Anti-government right-wing nut and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones believes that President Obama teamed up with the media to instigate racial tensions, creating a race war which would open the opportunity for declaring martial law and instilling an Obama dictatorship, reported The Southern Poverty Law Center.

“They [globalists] want to cause a civil war in order to go confiscate the guns, and then we are forced to defend ourselves and then it kicks off, and the police and military get taken out, along with the Patriots, in a civil war against each other,” said Jones on his show. “This is the grand game. This is the divide and conquer. This is what I have warned you about thousands of times, no exaggeration.”

It should be noted that Jones is the Right-wing king of exaggeration and sensationalism. He’s the guy who thought the Bundy ranch standoff was created by Harry Reid and Chinese communists to successfully conduct a landgrab. A few others have joined Jones in theorizing that Obama is trying to instigate a racial civil war to solidify his power into a dictatorship.

All right-wingers, unsurprisingly, Austin Miles, Rick Wiles, Alan Keyes, and Glenn Beck have all joined the conversation to say that Obama is looking to prompt a nationwide helter skelter. The theory that these crazy right-wingers are pushing was popularized by the insane cult leader Charles Manson, a man who interpreted Beatles lyrics to mean a race war was coming. Manson also said this.

Jones continues:

That’s what’s going on: Media nationwide is pushing a race war. That’s all they’ve got. Don’t like Obamacare, you’re a racist. Don’t want to turn your guns in, you’re a racist. Michael Moore – “if you own guns you’re white, it’s because you’re scared of black people.” That’s a quote from CNN. This is all they’ve got, while these big foreign banks that own the country loot the treasury with bailout money, Obamacare scamming everybody, Obama opening the borders up, giving free welfare to tens of millions of people, all these unconstitutional scams happening. And all they’ve got is getting us to fight with each other.

“False flag” operations are the bread-and-butter conspiracy theories for Jones. To him, the government, namely Obama, is always trying to overthrow the government and become a dictator. Of course, that’s wrong. The 2016 elections are going to roll around and Obama is going to leave office to enjoy the retired life and a lifetime-supply of Secret Service protection.