Chris Harris, a school board member for the Hooks, Texas Independent School District board, apologized for posting a racially offensive post to his Facebook page and could be fired from the board pending a December 15 vote.

The post Harris is in trouble for is a picture of a Ku Klux Klansman with the words “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” on it. After receiving negative feedback to his post, Harris deleted it and apologized, claiming that he is not “a racist,” and that it was meant “as a joke.”



In an interview with KTAL News, Hooks’ Superintendent Ronnie Thompson said Harris’s fate rests in the hands of the other school board members.

“They govern me – that’s who I answer to,” said Thompson. “Then they also govern each other’s actions. So at this point, it’s in their hands.”

Thompson also said that “you have to be careful,” because posts like the one Harris put up “can do a lot of damage, not just to you but to others, and can get you in trouble in a quick way.”

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