The most preliminary of polls for the 2016 presidential race are in, and the results are perplexing to say the least. Newly proclaimed Republican and former pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson is the current frontrunner for the GOP presidential nod, reported The Huffington Post.

Generally, presidential polls two years before the election don’t really mean anything, and everybody knows it. But the polls are still pretty useful in predicting which candidates are most likely to choke out of the primaries. So far, Romney leads a CNN poll with 20 percent, and Carson has 10 percent. However, since Romney has stated many times that he won’t run, that puts Carson in the lead .

If history tells us anything, it’s that Carson will get tossed out faster than yesterday’s garbage. Carson is following the same trend as Herman Cain, the HuffPo noted, who also led the polls at least a year before the 2012 elections. However, voters sent Cain, and his cutesy-named 9-9-9 tax, crawling out of the electoral doggy-door.

Now, there’s no doubt that Carson is a brilliant neurosurgeon. He’s probably saved lots of lives, but he’s a doctor and no politician.

Formerly an Independent, he recently claimed himself as a Republican as he suits up for a presidential bid for 2016. He certainly has the pedigree to be appear like a viable GOP candidate: he’s misogynistic, believes that the good Lord is telling him to run, and he resorts to horrendous analogies between the Affordable Care Act and historical atrocities. But does he have that certain, half-crazy likability to appeal to GOP voters?

Today’s Republican voters and the party want a candidate that’s boisterous, hyperbolic, and a little fiery. However, they don’t want someone that going to embarrass the party completely. They leave that to the Republican governors and other state-level politicians.

As the HuffPo indicated, “there’s bound to be a plethora of rises and falls by extreme candidates with slim to no electability — think Donald Trump or Rep. Michele Bachmann.” Those presidential campaigns were outright trainwrecks.

With that in mind, will Carson get the final nod? We’re 98 percent sure that he won’t.