When long-term Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy passed away in 2010, Scott Brown (R) was able to use the Tea Party’s inexplicable popularity to defeat Democrat Martha Coakley by five points.

Brown was, however, completely demolished by a rising star on the Left, Elizabeth Warren just two years later. Brown ran a campaign that painted him as much more moderate than the Tea Party candidate he had run as in 2010, but the Massachusetts voters weren’t fooled.

Warren and her progressive, populist message earned her an eight-point victory just two years later in 2012.

Defeated, Brown did what all failed Republican politicians do: he went to Fox News. “Few observers expected Brown to abandon electoral politics upon leaving office,” reported Salon. “He joined a corporate law firm and scored a gig as a Fox News contributor, ensuring he’d remain a familiar face to the conservative activists who’d prove crucial in his future endeavors.”

Then in 2014, as Salon put it, he “made the bizarre decision to carpetbag over to New Hampshire, where his family has a vacation home, and challenge popular Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.”

Brown flipped back to his Tea Party ways and ran a campaign that was anti-Obamacare, anti-immigration, and miles away from his “moderate” views from his fight against Warren. Shaheen won the election by 4 points, 52 to 48 percent.

Again defeated, Brown did what all two-time failed Republican politicians do: he went to Fox News. Brown will make his first appearance on the network as the “One Lucky Guy” on the otherwise all-female panel on the show Outnumbered, reported the Boston Herald.

“Brown’s decision to rejoin the cable news station is no surprise,” said the Herald. “The former senator left his Fox News gig and his job with Boston law firm Nixon Peabody to campaign in New Hampshire, so he does need a job.”

No one thinks that Scott Brown has given up on his dream for political power, and a quick comb through the properties he owns could give you a few guesses as to where he’ll try again. And when he loses, again, Fox News will be there to take him back in, ad nauseum.