A Texas elementary school will name itself after former President George W. Bush, reported The Huffington Post. This is baffling considering Bush was the worst president in recent American history and also championed No Child Left Behind.

George W. Bush Elementary School will open during the 2016-2017 school year outside of St. Paul, Texas. According to the HuffPo, the school board voted unanimously to name the school after the ill-fated president. Stacie Gooch, chair of the school board naming committee, thinks that Bush actually left a notable legacy.

“Other names were mentioned, but when you look at what President and Mrs. Bush stand for, and the legacy they continue to write both in Texas and across the nation, we are honored to have a school named for them,” said Gooch.

Although naming an elementary school after George W. Bush isn’t going to cause any irreparable damage to the children who attend (hopefully), it’s still a wonder as to why any logical person would think Bush is worthy of naming a school after. Sadly, it’s not the first. There’s already a George W. Bush Elementary School in Stockton, California, which was once ranked America’s Most Miserable City by Forbes.

Ironically, Bush is responsible for No Child Left Behind, which did nothing but damage American education. Rather than foster the education of children, it turned schools into testing centers. If schools didn’t meet certain standards, then those schools’ funding was cut. It essentially perpetuates an endless cycle of undereducated children.

George W. Bush is the last person whose name should be on a school. For many students, he created roadblocks instead of opened doors. Teachers are meant to open minds, not teach for a test.