Bill O’Reilly is unhappy with the current status of immigration in the United States. He seems to see it is far too lenient on the men, women and children who have made their homes and livelihoods here, despite the oppression of an outdated system.

In an interview with journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, an undocumented immigrant, following the announcement of President Obama’s executive order which will give relief to millions of undocumented immigrants and may directly benefit Vargas, O’Reilly saw fit to harass him.

“It is a compassionate move, but it may not be a just move, because you and the other people here illegally don’t deserve to be here. That’s harsh, it’s hard but you don’t have an entitlement to be here. Not through any fault of your own, but you don’t,” O’Reilly said.

Vargas countered O’Reilly’s point, stating, “More than half of undocumented people in this country have been here for ten years, ten years or longer. This has been our home, this is where we go to school, this has been where we work, this is where we go to church. This is what we call to be our own communities.”

“This is my home,” said Vargas. “I’m not leaving.”


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