Chris Christie is facing a problem in New Jersey. Pig farmers in the state are potentially facing prohibitions on the use of gestational crates in the state. Ninety-three percent of the state supports the measure, but Christie may be taking cues from Iowa where the pig-farming lobby is much larger as he has stated publicly that he intends to veto the bill.

Jon Stewart breaks it down here:

Gestation crates prevent pregnant pigs in them from fully extending their limbs or even turning around. Reportedly, it makes the pigs easier to house and less likely to fight among themselves.

But with 93 percent of his constituency voicing that they support the ban, why would Christie go against the will of those he represents? It seems that he is protecting the interests of Iowa pig farmers.

The bill is unpopular in Iowa, which is a key battleground state in presidential elections.

So Christie, who has ardently voiced that his duty is to protect the will and interests of the people of New Jersey and not to give into personal squabbles and outside pressure, is looking to veto a bill his state supports in order to ease his way into future presidential bids.

There doesn’t appear to much more to it than the selfish desire of this GOP governor.

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