Televangelist Pat Robertson stays in the spotlight consistently for his antiquated and archaic advice. He holds a number of opinions about what he considers the proper behavior for women. Now, he’s spreading the good word of how a woman can get “clean” following “abortions” and “multiple sex partners.”

Thursday, on The 700 Club, Robertson spoke about a woman named Polly Wright. According to Robertson, she had become an adult entertainer because she wanted to “rule over men.”

After years in the industry, Polly’s sins caught up with her and her shame overwhelmed her. Then she found Christ and peace of mind.

Robertson asked the women who watched his program what they may have done to make themselves unclean, as he sees Polly’s story as indicative of a modern age of “sex”, “pornography”, and “magazines.”

“Have you done something that you’re ashamed of? Have you had an abortion? Have you murdered somebody? Have you had multiple sex partners and you’re ashamed of it? Have you caught some sexual disease? What have you done?”

All viewers needed to do in order to satisfy Robertson was call the program and say, “I prayed with Pat.”