Bruce Springsteen performed at the Concert for Valor on Tuesday night in Washington D.C., one song with Dave Grohl and Zac Brown, reported The Washington Post. Their song choice was “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival, and lots of conservative right-wingers thought it unpatriotic, when the song was anything but.

“Fortunate War” is a Vietnam War-era protest song specifically about the privileged kids of politicians and rich people who had options to avoid going to war. The song itself has been described as taking on “income inequality and unblinking patriotism.”

However, when Springsteen sang the lyric “ain’t no military son,” that’s when some people got offended, thinking the The Boss set out to smear veterans.

Here’s one lady who obviously misses the point:

However, despite some people getting outraged, some applauded the performance.

If anything, that performance was one of the most patriotic things that Springsteen could have done given that the song is still relevant. All of the people in power who cry for war are usually the last ones who would send their children to fight. This instance points to one giant hypocrisy: conservatives like to be dismissive of political correctness until it “offends” their sensibilities.

Springsteen performed the song not to offend anyone, but to show that he does care about America and its people.