This week, the public relations team in charge of Bill Cosby’s twitter account tried to make the former patriarch Huxtable into a popular internet meme. Coupled with past accusations of rape, the marketing campaign couldn’t have come at a more imperfect time.

The campaign was quickly hijacked by a slew of Twitterers who took many different screenshots of Cosby from The Cosby Show and plugged in text mocking Cosby. The accusations were made about 10 years ago; however, they came back into the public realm when NBC said it was weighing the creation of a biographical sitcom about Cosby.

Hannibal Buress, a stand-up comedian, fanned the flames more when he called Cosby a rapist during a set in Philadelphia, Cosby’s hometown. The following memes were created and posted with the hashtag #CosbyMeme:

And the coup de grace meme that probably sums up this entire situation:

The first allegations came about around 2004 when a woman accused Cosby of drugging her, taking her back to a hotel room, and sexually assaulting her. Two years later, Cosby settled out of court with a Canadian woman who accused him of rape.