A group on Facebook that promotes insane gun rights and other extreme right-wing drivel has now resorted to promoting the assassination of President Obama, reported Crooks and Liars.

The group, simply named Gun Rights, posted a meme that depicted Johns Wilkes Booth’s murdering of Abraham Lincoln with the caption reading “a million times more effective than voting.” After posting the mindless image, the page’s admin removed the meme after many, including the page’s own followers, “dismissed their ideas as insane because even many extremists realize voting is important.”



On the other hand, when the administrators posted an update that read “Why is that when I post stuff about the American revolutionaries using guns to get freedom it’s all positive feedback, but when I post something about John Wilkes Booth using a gun to defend freedom everyone freaks out,” many people got behind that opinion.




It’s tough to understand why so many gun-nut, anti-Obama rednecks support killing the president rather than just waiting for his term to end. This crop of crazy right-wingers always go for the extreme measure first, operating off of unguided emotion rather than logic.