Ultra-conservative talk host and hate machine Michael Savage (Weiner) is known for his insane brand of fiery, over-the-top commentary, and he just released his book “Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth.” The book really is no different than the other slew of right-wing drivel to come out during the Obama presidency.

According to Savage, Obama is a “metrosexual” whose sole purpose is to destroy America after the president creates a dictatorship. And, as the Southern Poverty Law Center reported, Savage claims “true patriots” will rise up. The book’s first chapter reads as follows:

Right now the nation is a tinderbox that can easily go up in flames, because we’re increasingly under the thumb of an administration that is destroying our two-hundred-year-old tradition of defending our borders, language, and culture and replacing it with a culture of statelessness and corruption.

Savage (Weiner) is playing into the extreme right’s notion that Obama is an evil socialist who is going to destroy the American political system and take over and make us slaves who have to sell all our possessions. Obama has been president for six years and is approaching the lame duck phase of his last term. There will not be any great secession or second American Civil War of any kind.

In Savage’s book, however, he continues his insane fervor:

With our nation divided, the government could marshal all of those on its side – the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), street gangs, the National Guard, a military now purged of patriotic generals and without a command structure loyal to the Constitution – against those who would stand up to the oppression.

This is paranoid, right-wing drivel at its finest. Savage (Weiner) is no more a politically-keen thought leader than he is a real doctor. He defends the white American agenda while creating faulty discourse and shoddy, conspiracy-laden analysis. He isn’t one to seek when looking for enlightenment; he’s merely entertainment. Savage (Weiner) is Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Alex Jones all rolled into one.

His false, political prophecies are of one-world governments and so-called socialist presidents who want to dismantle the American way and enslave us. Savage (Weiner) isn’t brilliant commentator. He’s a circus clown.