Last night was a major loss for Democrats. This mid-term was an evisceration for the blue party. They lost control of the senate and swept in gubernatorial races. Even Rick Scott (R-FL), who was considered one of the most vulnerable governor’s running due to years of low approval ratings, won. Despite this, liberals definitely won on ballot issues. Democrats lost, but liberalism are winning.

Legislation was being voted on across the country that would have never had a chance just a few years ago. Washington D.C., Oregon, and Alaska legalized marijuana use. The minimum wage was raised in Alaska, Arkansas, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Illinois. In Massachusetts, mandatory paid sick leave was passed. Washington state decided to expand background checks. Even the Red state of Texas voted to ban fracking in Denton. None of these laws are ones that Right-wingers wanted to see passed, and yet, they passed.

Coming out of last night’s election, what may be the most clear is that Americans are angry with the status quo. They are angry with Washington and a government that they don’t feel is able to represent their interests. They’re angry with the party that controlled the government but, in their view, did nothing while wielding that power.

Republicans were chosen as a refusal of Democrats that had been in power, but Republican policies were not chosen. Democrats would do well to learn from this going into 2016. The lesson of this election cycle is clear: Democrats lost but liberals are winning.


Joshua is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. You can follow him on Twitter @Joshual33.