Emblematic of the larger GOP strategy for winning elections, GOP judicial candidate Ron Natinsky is trying to distance himself from comments he made that color him as wanting voters supporting his opponent to spend their food stamps instead of voting.

In a video captured by The Dallas Morning News, Natinsky is heard making comments about his opponent’s supporters.

“We don’t want to motivate her voters,” he said. “What we want them to think is ‘There’s no reason. She doesn’t have an opponent. I don’t need to go to the polls. I’ll go spend my food stamps at the grocery store, or whatever, you know, on Election Day.'”

Natinsky’s comments were delivered at the Coppell Republican Club during a discussion of whether the club should run candidates against Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX).

When asked about his comments, the current judicial candidate claims to not remember the comments.

“I haven’t seen the video and don’t remember what I said a year ago. I don’t see the connection between spending food stamps on food and voting.”