The following editorial was written by Ed Schultz himself, and reposted here with permission:

I’ve said it many times. If I owned a cluster of radio stations, conservative talk would not be the format. Ownership has its privileges and Ninety-five percent of the electronic media in this country is owned, managed and programmed by conservatives.

Liberals were given limited opportunity starting in 2004 with the backdrop of conversation “they will never make it ” Those experts including Darryl Parks called it “cause radio”.

Fast forward to 2014. The radio stations liberals had as a breeding ground are now home to the conservative talkers trying to harvest a dollar in fast falling format.
Why? They are the same people. They are saying the same things they said back in 2004 over and over and over again. Interesting how no expert like Parks saw this freight train coming.

It’s never been about talent. Ownership, which is
conservative, was bound and determined to carve out a place in the media where nut jobs could find their sound based country club. Messaging was the mission, along with the exclusion of diverse voices. Profit was a side bar issue because other stations in the cluster could carry the balance sheet.

The public has figured out these occupiers in front of the microphone do not entertain. They don’t do news. They
only vilify thoughts opposite of their own.

I would call that “cause radio”. The very narrative placed on liberals ten years ago now seems to be the coffin corner in the building for conservative talkers.

I will have more on this subject in the coming days.

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