The Weather Channel’s co-founder John Coleman appeared on The Kelly File on Monday and spewed his climate-denying nonsense for Fox News viewers to soak. Yesterday, The Weather Channel announced it’s official position on climate change, ThinkProgress reported.

The Weather Channel noted that Earth is “indeed warming,” increasing 1 to 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit every century. The statement also said that human-created carbon emissions are contributing to climate change, which will continue to worsen at the current pace: “The bottom line is that with the rate of greenhouse gas emissions increasing, a significant warming trend is expected to also continue.”

There is speculation that The Weather Channel’s statement had something to do with John Coleman’s Fox New appearance on Monday. Being that Fox News obviously used Coleman’s background to create some illusion of credibility, The Weather Channel likely called foul, which prompted the statement.

Despite founding The Weather Channel, Coleman’s tenure there was short-lived as he was reportedly “forced out” after only one year with the network. May we reiterate that Coleman is not a scientist, but a TV anchor. He reads words on camera. However, he still claims himself an “expert” on the subject.

“Many people don’t accept my position that there is no scientific man-made global warming because I am simply a Television Meteorologist without a Ph.D.,” blogged Coleman in July. “I understand that.”

Rightfully so.

It’s incredible how climate deniers keep going against thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies indicating that climate change is happening. Coleman is nothing more than a showman, and Fox News tried to used his one year at The Weather Channel in the 1980s as credit. The Weather Channel rightly responded that they don’t buy into such buffoonery.