With midterm elections nearly here, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) is afraid that low voter turnout is going to hand the government over to the GOP next Tuesday.

On friend of the show Thom Hartmann’s segment, “Brunch with Bernie,” the senator said,

“My perception is that there is a lot of political demoralization out there, and everything being equal, you’re going to have a low voter turnout, which is exactly what Republicans want. And unless we get our act together in the next 10 days, we may end up with a right-wing Republican senate working with a right-wing Republican house, which will be a disaster for working families.”

“If … people say, ‘A pox on both the houses; I’m not going to vote,’ that is exactly what the Koch brothers and the other billionaires want,” said Sanders, noting that the Koch brothers have been extremely active this political cycle. “It’s impossible … to estimate what they’re spending – my guess is maybe $400 million – on this election.”

Acknowledging that he, along with other progressives, have been disappointed with the Obama administration, “do not forget, do not forget, where we were six years ago,” said Sanders.

“Republicans want us to forget it; the Koch brothers want us to forget it. We had eight years of trickle down economic theory under Bush, and at the end of those eight years … and I hope we don’t forget it – we were losing 700,000 jobs a month. Is the economy where we want it to be today? Absolutely not … the economy is not doing well for middle-class and working families. But we’re doing a hell of a lot better than losing 700,000 a month.

Watch Sen. Sanders’ full segment.