On an episode of The 700 Club, a viewer wrote in about feeling like a bad Christian after kicking out a Muslim houseguest because she felt an “evil presence.”

“A few years ago, a neighbor of mine came to our house. He said his father had kicked him out. I told him he could stay with us. He was very thankful and polite while he stayed with us. I learned that he was a Muslim, and I heard him praying to Allah in my home. I was okay with it, but one day I felt an evil presence while cooking in my kitchen. I told my visitor that he needed to leave, go home, and resolve his own issues. But I feel horrible. like I violated Matthew 25:45-46. Did I do the right thing? I don’t feel like I should only extend charity to other Christians.”

After saying that charity should be extended to not just Christians, but to those who need it, Robertson told the viewer that “it doesn’t mean that you have to bring an unclean spirit into your home.”

“If somebody in truth is worshiping some sort of demonic presence, then that will pervade your home,” said Robertson. “And no, you don’t want to offer hospitality to something like that.”

“We don’t have to extend hospitality to a coven of witches, for example.”

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