In the latest segment of “New Rules,” Bill Maher said that scientists should be forced to do a study to determine “Which is easier to distract – a cat with a laser pointer or American voters?” To prove his point that American voters are worse, Maher discussed the gubernatorial race in Kansas, between Republican incumbent Sam Brownback and Democratic challenger Paul Davis, where more than 100 Republican politicians endorsed Davis.

Because of Brownback’s failed tenure as governor, Davis was ahead in the polls until the Kansas GOP started using the fact that Davis went to a strip club… 26 years ago when he was single and in his 20s. The issue because such a distraction that Davis had to apologize for “being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“Yeah, in Kansas,” said Maher.

“I like Kansas. I go there. This is not just about Kansas. This is a national disease, an unholy alliance of easily distracted voters and a shameful pandering media which used to have the integrity to filter out shit like this. But today what happens is this story ran in the local press. Within hours Politico picked it up, and a day later Meet the Press, yes, Meet the Press further dignified the story by allowing Grover Norquist to talk about it, to say about Paul Davis that he is ‘not the kind of person you could ask your sister to vote for.'”

Watch the full segment from Real Time with Bill Maher.