In the grim vortex that is conservative talk radio, Michael Savage (Weiner) is the most grim, making Rush Limbaugh look like a semi-reasonable centrist. Last week, Savage went on a vicious rant about how he thinks veterans with PTSD are crybabies who should man up, reported Raw Story.

“I am so sick and tired with everyone with their complaints about PTSD, depression,” spewed Savage. “Everyone wants their hand held and a check, a government check. What, are you the only generation that had PTSD? The only generation that’s depressed?”

No, our generation isn’t the only one that’s had PTSD and depression. But our generation now has the knowledge and awareness of these ailments to the point where professionals and citizens can identify the problems. The tools now exist to treat these men and women who gave up years of their life serving in the military. Savage continues:

“If the whole nation is told, ‘boo-hoo-hoo, come and get a medication, come and get treatment, talk about mental illness,’ you know what you come up with? You wind up with Obama in the White House and lawyers in every phase of the government, that’s what you wind up with. It’s a weak, sick nation. A weak, sick, broken nation.”

Savage is the prototypical person who, because he probably got bullied at a young age, grew up to become a bully himself. To distance himself from his Bronx-native, Jewish upbringing, he changed his name to Savage from Weiner. Savage Weiner is just a complete mess.

He’s a conservative warhawk who’s quick to support war, torture, and death, but he’s never given a day of his life to military service. If Savage Weiner had to fight in a war, he would be the one balled up on the ground crying his hateful, conservative little eyes out. However, Savage Weiner said that “You need men like me to save the country.”

You think you can save the country, Savage Weiner? Go fix climate change, go dissolve ISIS, go rid money from politics, rebuild our international reputation, pay our national and student debt, regulate Wall Street, and house the homeless. You’re up, slugger. Go ahead, we’ve got time.

The point is that Savage Weiner has never served in the military, and he has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to the hardships associated with armed service.

Like many similar to Savage Weiner, he has a sordid history of idiotic comments and talking points. On his show, he called upon Americans to burn the Mexican flag in protest of open borders, he said civil rights steal from white people, and that sex change operations caused the 1999 Columbine school shootings.

The guy is completely nuts. Remember when the United Kingdom banned Savage Weiner because his comments were considered a security threat? Here’s a quick list, provided by the Daily Mail, of Savage Weiner’s comments:

  • The Koran is a ‘book of hate”
  • Autism is “a racket” for “poorer families who have found a new way to be parasites on the government”
  • “Illegal aliens” are carrying swine flu into America

Savage Weiner likely got the hell beat out of him growing up, which is a horrible thing for young people to go through. However, instead of embracing Michael Weiner, he changed his name to Savage and became one of the low-life bullies.

Listen to the audio clip, provided by Right Wing Watch, below:

Josh is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. Follow him on Twitter @dnJdeli.