James O’Keefe was busted last week for trying to impersonate a civics professor and commit voter fraud, along with two associate provocateurs. It’s the latest of O’Keefe’s activities to catch the media’s attention.

They were trying to lure Democratic field staffers to approving their proposed tactic of voter fraud. That’s when things took a turn in a different direction.

According to Mother Jones:

Last Tuesday, a man who appeared to be in his 20s showed up at a Democratic field office in Boulder wanting to volunteer to help elect Udall and Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.), according to a Democratic staffer who met with him and asked not to be identified. The man introduced himself as “Nick Davis,” and he said he was a University of Colorado-Boulder student and LGBT activist involved with a group called Rocky Mountain Vote Pride. Davis mentioned polls showing the race between Udall and Gardner was tight, and he asked the staffer if he should fill out and mail in ballots for other college students but still received mail on campus. The Democratic staffer says he told Davis that doing this would be voter fraud and that he should not do it.

Then things got interesting when O’Keefe and associates returned that Friday, with O’Keefe in disguise.

That same day, the guy identifying himself as “Nick Davis” returned to the Democratic office in Boulder. He was accompanied by a man wearing heavy makeup and a mustache, according to the Democratic staffer who had met Davis three days earlier. Davis introduced his friend as a “civics professor” at the University of Colorado-Boulder and the faculty adviser to Rocky Mountain Vote Pride. Davis and the professor, who said his name was “John Miller,” picked up Udall campaign literature and canvassing information.

They continued to ask about submitting ballots for other people and eventually staffers caught on to it being O’Keefe and started taking photos of him. O’Keefe responded by saying, “If you want to take photos of us, we’ll take photos of you.” They eventually pushed O’Keefe and his partner outside and closed the door. They later filed a police report regarding the event.