She burned down Newsweek, she burned down The Daily Beast. She’s yesterday’s news. How can they spend more money running The Daily Beast than they do The Huffington Post and still be a failure? The Daily Beast is Dead Daily. It’s all thanks to Tina Brown, the washed up, hackneyed editor who believes her opinion on current affairs actually matters.

Brown appeared on Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough yesterday and delivered a weak criticism of President Obama’s relationship with the female voter base. Nevermind that Brown’s opinions are as “feckless” and “smug” as she claims the president to be, but to even consider Brown as a quality guest is confusing. Her editorial track record is a complete garbage fire burning with millions of dollars and battered readership.

Crooks and Liars asserted Brown’s reputation of as a left-winger by the likes of extreme conservative sources Breitbart and the Washington Free Beacon. However, someone as two-bit as Brown would be easy pickins even for the hard Right. Brown’s failures have been noted by a number of sources.

“Tina, who is always referred to as a legendary editor in America, has lost a vast mass of money for the owners of the magazines she has edited,” reported The Spectator. “She almost broke Harvey Weinstein with Talk Magazine – 50 million big ones in two years – ditto with the New Yorker and Vanity Fair before that, and has cost another sugar daddy, Barry Diller, at least 100 million since 2008 with the Daily Beast and Newsweek.”

Brown has quickly thrown herself to the land of media relics and hacks. It’s a realm where the likes of Geraldo Rivera run free whole worshipping the work of Morton Downey Jr. As unregarded by the Right as Brown is, the conservatives sure did herald her opinion that Democrats are losing women and Obama made them feel “unsafe.”

Conservatives who think that Brown is the “tent pole” of the liberal opinion, like Rush Limbaugh has noted, are completely off the mark. The informed liberal recognizes that Brown is a second-rate editor and black hole for publishing revenue.