While Glenn Beck is an expert at spewing hot garbage from his mouth, in an effort to increase the frenzy over ebola, he let someone else fling it at him for once.

Attempting to show how hard it is to get out of a hazmat suit, Beck had his staffers use a slingshot to cover him in a mixture that was meant to simulate ebola-infected bodily fluids.

“The guy was projectile vomiting,” said Beck, before being covered in an unidentifiable brown mixture.

“Now, I have to get out of this (suit) without getting any of this stuff on me,” he said. “This is why you would go in a containment facility and … be  hosed down.”

Medical professionals, not just those treating ebola, are trained on how to get out of those suits without getting anything on them. They have been trained on that since science learned diseases could be/are spread through bodily fluids. They don’t need Glenn Beck to tell them how to do their jobs.

Watch the video from Media Matters.