Sean Hannity had invited Russell Brand to come onto his show and then cancelled on him. So, to make good on his trip to the studio, Brand attempted to film an episode of his “Trews” (True News). During the filming though, Brand was interrupted by security guards and threatened with arrest for filming outside the building.

At the beginning of the episode, Brand start in on a rant against Bill O’Reilly for helping to spread Islamophobia.

“Bill O’Reilly  is helping us to be more Islamophobic,” said Brand. “You might not feel that Islamophobic today. You might think ‘Ah, nah, people that are Muslim are basically same as us. They just have a different religious perspective.’ Bill will help you to find some hatred in your heart for people just like you.”

About the time the Brand finishes with his indictment of O’Reilly and starts to break down the ways that O’Reilly misuses statistics, Brand is confronted by security telling him that he is not allowed to film on the premises.

“Excuse me,” says the guard. “You can’t film here. This is private property.”

Brand responds, “Whose property is it?”

“The building’s,” answers the guard.

Brand continues, “Who does the building belong to?”

“It doesn’t matter,” says the guard.

Brand finishes, “It does matter. I’ll just stay here then.” He then walks back to the front of the building, we can only assume, to continue filming.

You can watch the encounter here:

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