Tyler Smith, the high school football player who allegedly raped two girls in the last two years, was not suspended from school or the football team, reported Crooks and Liars. In fact, they outright refused to do so.

The Hoquiam School District, Hoquiam High School, and the Hoquiam High School football head coach didn’t think they had to suspend Smith. Superintendent Mike Parker even supported the coach’s decision to allow Smith to keep playing.

“We felt that he’s innocent until proven guilty,” said Parker. “As bad as the crime might be, as repulsive as the crime might be, we’re trusting that the court system will sort that out for us.”

The court system plays an integral role in this situation. However, everyone with the school district involved or related to the incident needs to help set an example by keeping this young man off of the team and school grounds. Parents and residents have spoken out against the district and coach’s decision to retain Smith.

“I think if there’s an accusation it needs to be investigated first when it’s that magnitude,” said Shawn Sinor, grandfather of a Hoquiam School District student.

Other parents and residents cited the recent events that have sprouted up concerning the NFL. Parker blamed his “lack of knowledge” about what’s happening in the NFL to make a fair comparison. That’s been one of the biggest stories of the year. How does one have a “lack of knowledge” on the subject?

Earlier today it was reported that Smith quit the football team altogether. Although that may serve as relief for the concerned parents and residents, the district and football coach screwed up by not making that decision for Smith.