Fox News has a tendency to bring guests and commentators to its programming that offer their unconsidered and uninformed personal opinions like they are fact. Enter Dr. Keith Ablow. On Tuesday, the good doctor went off, trying to call out Obama for his lack of love for the United States.

“He has it in for us [Americans] as disappointing people. People who’ve been a scourge on the face of the Earth,” said Ablow. “In his [President Obama] mind, if only unconsciously, he’s thinking, ‘Really? we’re going to prevent folks suffering with illnesses from coming across the border flying into our airports when we have visited a plague of colonialism that has devastated much of the world, on the world? What is the fairness in that?'”

Ablow seriously didn’t think that Obama likes America and that his dislike of the country prevents him from protecting it.

“How can you protect a country you don’t like? Why would you?” he asked.

It didn’t stop there, Ablow went on to draw parallels between Obama’s name and the names of our enemies.

“We said to ourselves, and the world, ‘Look at this guy. We’re going to elect this guy president. Why would you attack us? We’re not even voting for somebody who likes us. This guy, who has names very similar to two of our archenemies, Osama, well, Obama. And Hussein. Hussein. Surely you won’t attack us now because we got a shield here of a guy who, as the leader of our country, says we’re bad.'”

You can listen to the interview here via MediaMatters: