When asked what is the biggest threat to world peace, America or the Islamic State, Fox News’ Eric Bolling seemed completely dumbfounded that some Harvard students answered that America has more power and has had some influence in the mess that has become the Middle East.

“These kids get an ‘F’ for ‘You’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me!'” said Bolling.

Guest Juan Williams told the rest of the panel,

“You guys are thinking short term, ISIS is a threat at the moment, they are a threat to world peace. People have a lot of criticism about the United States … don’t tell those kids not to be critical thinkers and look at the big picture, like who helped put these guys in power.”

Bolling and his other guests were appalled, with Libritarian eye-candy Michelle Fields yelling,

“What they’ve been taught is to be apologetic for America … They don’t believe in American exceptionalism … They  come from the same group of thinking as President Obama where they feel sorry for America’s history, when we should be PROUD!”

Right, because there’s nothing in America’s history that we should apologize for… (slavery, segregation, that whole stealing the American Indians’ land mess, etc.)

Watch the full segment below.