Texas Representative Louie Gohmert went on NewsMaxTv’s Malzberg Show and expressed his concern over President Obama’s response to the Ebola crisis, claiming that the president is more worried about making people feel like they aren’t left out.

He feels like Obama has let the American people down by not stopping travel from the countries affected by the recent Ebola outbreak.

“Countries that recognize that they have an obligation to protect their people regardless of whether or not it’s politically correct have done just that [restrict travel],” said Gohmert. “We used to have quarantines of serious diseases that would kill people.”

Continuing, he said, “But this day in time, gee, we don’t want anybody to feel like they’re being left out, so, therefore, the Democrats – some of my Democratic friends, including this president – they feel like we want everyone to feel included. So let’s don’t quarantine, let’s don’t close our borders.”

He statements completely ignore the fact that closing travel routes will almost certainly do harm to efforts to prevent the spread of Ebola.

He continued with the reverse fear-mongering, claiming that Obama wasn’t taking the threat of Ebola seriously enough.

“More deadly to this country than Ebola is climate change, more deadly than the Islamic state to Thomas Foley is climate change,” he said. “So what you’re talking about being common sense in Washington, in the Washington area, is only sense.”

Listen to the interview below.

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