Taking a break from giving opinions about women that sound like they’re from the 1950s (or sometimes even the 1850s), the women of Fox News’ “Outnumbered” used their airtime to discuss why young people shouldn’t vote.

“Do we want them [young people] to vote if they don’t know the issues?” Harris Faulkner asked the show’s panel yesterday.

“No,” answered Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, better known as Kennedy, the MTV veejay from the 90’s, answered. “You absolutely don’t!”

By that logic, the entire Fox News staff should be barred from the polls as well. But let’s not pretend that these women, or anyone at the network, think that young people shouldn’t vote because of their lack of information. It’s because young people, by a large margin, don’t vote Republican.

In Fox News’ eyes, understanding that birth control doesn’t cause abortions, that the president isn’t a secret Muslim, and that ebola isn’t caused by undocumented children coming to the US through the Mexican border means that young people don’t really understand the issues.

Watch the video via Media Matters.