An eighteen-year-old male was pepper-sprayed in his foster parents’ home after cops suspected that he didn’t belong there.

The police were responding to a 911 call after neighbors had seen him entering through a side door of the house on October 6. Believing him to be a burglar, they reported the supposed crime to police.

After police arrived and entered the home they ordered DeShawn Currie to put his hands in the air. After responding with confusion, police felt Currie was non-compliant and proceeded to pepper-spray him in the face.

“They was like, ‘Put your hands on the door,'” said Deshawn. “I was like, ‘For what? This is my house.’ I was like, ‘Why are ya’ll in here?'”

DeShawn told ABC11 that “he became angry when officers pointed out the picture of Tyler’s three younger children on the mantle, assuming he didn’t belong there.”

DeShawn had been fostered by Stacy and Ricky Tyler for nearly a year when the event occurred.

“Everything that we’ve worked so hard for in the past years was stripped away yesterday in just a matter of moments,”Ricky Tyler said to WTVD.