Police in the United States have killed 77 people in the month of September, and the courts and justices keep rescuing these uniformed murderers from justice, reported Reader Supported News.

RSN compiled a sample of instances where police officers have killed someone, either adult or child, and managed to escape unpunished for their crimes. For instance, a Michigan judge last week dismissed a felony manslaughter charge against officer Joseph Weekley who shot 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones to death during a hapless police raid.

After Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Cynthia Gray Hathaway erred in dropping the charge, an appeals court recognized that the decision was wrong. However, the appeals court noted that a review was disallowed. In short, an irresponsible officer whose stupidity cost the life of a young child was not brought to justice.

In Tallahassee late last month, 61-year-old Viola Young was tasered in the back by police after she stopped to ask about an arrest. She was paralyzed for two minutes and subsequently charged with “resisting and obstructing an officer without violence.” That attack on Young could have potentially been deadly.

Then there’s this incident in New Mexico:

Police officers in Albuquerque, New Mexico confused police work with military operation, like many tend to do, and approached a homeless man with full force. Armed with a dog and assault rifles, the officers gunned down the man as he was disarming himself and in the process of getting on the ground.

While on the ground after taking six shots from assault rifles, the officers continued to shoot the man with beanbags from a shotgun. The chief of police said the shooting was justified because one man with a small knife was threatening to three cops with assault rifles.

Are there any good cops? Sure there are. But there are many out there that commit the largest of atrocities. The take human lives and are not punished for it. In most cases, they get administrative leave with pay. Which is basically a paid vacation while the department cooks up a way to bail out the offending officer. Not enough of these rotten police officers are punished for their crimes.

Josh is a writer and researcher with Ring of Fire. Follow him on Twitter @dnJdeli.