Republicans are getting desperate for a candidate that won’t completely alienate the nation. That’s a hard thing to do, though, for the GOP. But they have to put someone out there in 2016 and if nobody looks like they can do the job, well, Mitt Romney just might soldier up and enter the fray.

Over the course of recent interviews. Romney has softened his language and refusals to the notion of running again in 2016, giving rise to speculation that he just may be the only viable candidate.

“One thing that he’s got going for him is everybody in the Republican Party likes Mitt Romney. They may not think he ran the best campaign, but he’s such a very decent human being, certainly checks the box for likeability amongst the Republican Party,” John McCain said to Reuters.

Check out the Washington Post‘s timeline of Mitt’s softening denials.

Romney has said that he expects as many as 15 different Republican hopefuls to enter the race to win the party’s nomination. He says he is taking a wait and see approach.

“Among those people we’re going to find someone who catches fire, who ignites the interests of the Republican base,” said Romney. “And you’re going to see someone who can go on to be president.”

If someone doesn’t emerge as a clear leader? Well, then it just may be time for Mitt to run again.

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