Former New York senator Hillary Clinton looks to be the frontrunner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. This is not a good thing. However, there a number of possible opponents that want to take on Clinton, AlterNet reported.

With talk of Bernie Sanders, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, and others, former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb has appeared to be a potential challenge for Clinton in the coming years, some believe. However, Webb’s track record is a little shaky and he may not be the contender that some think.

Women are a significant part of the Democratic voter-base. In 1979, Webb wrote an article for the Washingtonian titled “Women Can’t Fight.” The article argues that men are better soldiers than woman for many reasons presented by Webb. Should Webb make a run, this article will surely be brought up by opponents and will negatively resonate with the feminist camp.

He has taken donations from the most despicable industries; Wall Street, the telecom industries, and the military complex. Also, Webb worked for the Reagan administration, which would surely add some red marks to his resume among liberals.

Webb has been reported as being something of a cold fish, meaning that he has no charisma and not seen as compelling to audiences, according to The Washington Post. Even though showmanship is a sad and shallow measure to gauge a president, unfortunately it’s become an important characteristic in today’s society.

In 2008, Webb almost got the VP nod from Barack Obama. However, some on the left were displeased with the prospective pick, and Webb declined the offer anyway.

Sure, Webb may have developed a reputation as a maverick and fresh face, but his past will surely catch up to him, and Democratic opponents will rip that apart.

Other than Elizabeth Warren, no other liberal, with exception to Bernie Sanders, seems to be a viable enough opponent to give Hillary Clinton a run. But Warren has mentioned many times that she won’t be running. Democrats and those on the left need to be especially careful about who they nominate against Hillary. Clinton is buddied with Wall Street, and we need a nominee that not be afraid to flash fangs against the banks.